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How to Use

Please feel easy even at first visit.

STEP 1Shoes are not allowed
in the hall.

Please deposit with the shoe box beside a front desk, and change into slippers. Please hand a key of the shoe box to the front desk.

STEP 2Check-in

You are supposed to pay your room charge in advance when checking-in. We will keep your big baggage at the front desk.
You can freely go out until check-out time after check-in.

STEP 3security card key

To move to each area please use the security card key.

STEP 4Full amenities

As we have a hotel wear and amenities in a designated locker, you can use them.
You can also use the locker for valuables beside the front desk.

STEP 5Shower room

There is a charge for the additional towel except a consecutive stay.
We take care of it at the front desk.

STEP 6Lounge

Free Wi-Fi services on all the floor.
There is a vending machine for a drink.
※You can bring in foods and drinks. Please use for a meal,and a pleasant talk, etc.

STEP 7Capsule Unit

The things like a telephone which sound comes out can't be used. Please keep sound from leaking using an earphone etc. Eating and drinking within a capsule are also prohibited. Please use a lounge.

STEP 8Check-out

Please return a card key and receive a key of the shoe box. Please be careful as there are no things left behind.
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