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1Always secured , since they are female staffs!
A receptionist counter with the high-class feeling which used the traveling bag as the motif. A female staff carefully takes care of you.
2Baggage custody service.
We keep big baggage before and after check-in. Please enjoy sightseeing and an event with little baggage.
3All the floor Wi-Fi connection no charge.
PC corresponding to wireless LAN, a smart phone and a tablet are also connected comfortably.
4Carry-on of the food OK.
You can bring in the foods freely! In lounge space, you can have a girls-only gathering.
※ Eating and drinking are prohibited in the capsule.
5Rental services for magazines, comics with a tablet.
You can read a favorite magazine and comics with a rental tablet and enjoy netsurfing.
6Shampoos you can choose.
Clean shower rooms. . You can choose shampoo and conditioner from several kinds.
You can choose from TSUBAKI, MASHERI, MA CHE'RIE, Dear Beaut'e, LUX non-silicon and Ichikami.
7Full amenities.
Many amenities are available such as hotel wears, towels, cleansing, face wash, skin lotion, cotton swabs and hair rubbers.
8Steamer Nano you can use for free.
There are five automatic warm and cool courses, and you can choose the finish of the skin. You can enjoy a real beauty treatment for free.
9The free rental of hair irons.
The rental of hair set article which is nice for sudden staying.You can stay with little baggage.
10Cosmetic rental.
People who have to stay somewhere suddenly or forgot bringing cosmetics, plese do not worry!
If you find good products, you can buy them.
11Refreshing in a fitness gym.
You can use the fitness gym of the joy fit 24 in the same building.
※ Please ask a hotel staff for more information.
12Convenience store in 0 minute.
Since the first floor of the hotel is a convenience store,it is also convenient for a little shopping!
Women-only capsule hotel open ! “a-STYLE Shinsaibashi” Reservations from here

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